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Hall of Fame


Win $170,000

This 4th year event will feature a $20,000 entry fee and the chance to win $170,000. It will be held LIVE in Las Vegas on the final night of live drafts. What a way to end the drafting season.

Enter for $20,000


Win $80,000

This annual event will be held in Las Vegas Sept. 8th in Las Vegas. It features a $10,000 entry fee and a sweet $80,000 top prize.

Enter for $10,000

14-Team Ultimate

Win $40,000

This $5,000 event is now in its 13th season and features a 14-team format with one team possibly winning $40,000 in prizes. The unique playoff format starts with 6 teams in Week 14 and whittles down to four teams in Week 16.

Enter for $5,000

12-Team Ultimate

Win $36,000

This $5,000 event features a 90 percent payout, a total points playoff for the Top 4 teams and a possible $36,000 prize for the top team.

Enter for $5,000

14-Team Super

Win $20,000

This 14-team format remains one of our most popular private leagues, featuring a $2,500 entry fee, a total points playoff for the Top 4 teams and a shot at $20,000 in league prizes.

Enter for $2,500

12-Team Super

Win $19,000

This 12-team private league pays $2,500 to the regular season total points leader and another $2,500 to the head-to-head champion. Another $14,000 can be won in the playoffs.

Enter for $2,500

14-Team Super Auction

Win $20,000

This 14-team auction will be held in Las Vegas on Thursday, Sept. 7th as the perfect way to kick off the Second Weekend. One team could win as much as $20,000.

Enter for $2,500

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