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The National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Classic will consist of 23 leagues (or a maximum of 30 leagues), each comprised of 14 teams/managers. The NFFC Classic regular season will begin with all Week 1 NFL games (including results from the Thursday, Sept. 8th game) and through all Week 13 games. Teams will play every other team in their league once in head-to-head competition and prizes are paid out within each league after Week 13 this way:

  1. First Place = $5,000 if one team has best h2h record and most total points
  2. Second Place = $2,500 to next highest total points team
  3. Third Place = $1,250 to 3rd highest total points team in the league

If two teams split the h2h title and the total points title after Week 13, both teams will earn $2,500 and the third highest scoring team in the league will earn $1,250. The top two teams will then compete in Weeks 14-16 for the remaining $2,500, with total points from that three-week period determining the league champ and earning an additional $2,500. Each league will have a total of $8,750 in prize money: $5,000 to 1st, $2,500 to 2nd, $1,250 to 3rd. Tie-breakers for league title are listed elsewhere in the rules.

Three teams from each league will advance to the Championship Round for a shot at the $100,000 grand prize. They include: All league h2h champions, the team with the best total points (or in the case that the league champion had the highest points, then the team with the next highest point total in that league) and the third place team in each league. The Championship Round will be held Week 14 through Week 16. Teams will carry their weekly scoring average from the first 13 weeks of competition (i.e. 130.15 points) into the playoffs and then add their point totals from Weeks 14, 15 and 16 to that initial total to determine the overall champion.

2. Draft

All 23 leagues (or a maximum of 30 leagues) will hold their drafts at locations in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and online at on Saturday, Sept. 3rd. There will also be online Classic drafts on Thursday, Sept. 1st. Check available draft dates and times online.

Each league will be comprised of 14 teams, and each draft will last for 19 rounds, with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (team 1 through team 14 in Round 1 and team 14 through team 1 in Round 2). All NFFC draft leagues will use 3RR (3rd Round Reversal) in 2011, meaning that the draft order will go back down to 14 to start Round 3 and then continue in serpentine fashion after that. The NFFC is using 3RR in 2011 to balance the talent pool throughout these 14-team leagues. Players can be drafted at any position at any time in the draft, but each team must have at least one player for each of the designated starting positions by the end of the draft. Each team must start a weekly lineup of 10 players and the team roster must remain at 19 players; there are no injured reserve lists beyond the team total of 19.

3. Prizes

Overall Prizes

  1. First Place = $100,000 PLUS an NFFC trophy
  2. Second Place = $15,000
  3. Third Place = $7,500
  4. Fourth Place = $2,500
  5. fifth Place = $1,400 or free entry in 2012 NFFC
  6. Sixth Place = $1,400 or free entry in 2012 NFFC
  7. Seventh Place = $1,400 or free entry in 2012 NFFC
  8. Eighth Place = $1,400 or free entry in 2012 NFFC
  9. Regular Season Total Points Leader = $1,400 or free entry in 2012 NFFC
  10. Consolation Round Champion: $2,500
  11. Consolation Round Runner-up: $1,500
  12. Consolation Round Third Place: free entry in 2012 NFFC
  13. Consolation Round Fourth Place: free entry in 2012 NFFC
Each league has $8,750 in league prizes: $5,000 for first, $2,500 for second, $1,250 for third.

Each league has $8,750 in league prizes: $5,000 for first, $2,500 for second, $1,250 for third.

Each League Champion (won/loss record + total points after Week 13) = $5,000 **

Each 2nd place (2nd most pts after Week 13 if one team had best h2h record and most total points) = $2,500

Each League 3rd place finisher (3rd most total points in each league) = $1,250

** If after Week 13, one team was h2h champ and another team was total points champ, then those two teams would each receive $2,500 and would compete in Weeks 14-16 for the remaining $2,500 and the title as league champ. That league playoff would be total points from Weeks 14-16.

4. No Trading

Trading is not allowed during the NFFC season and owners are not allowed to trade draft picks.

5. Roster Requirements

Maximum of 19 players at all times.

6. Starting Lineup Requirements

Starting lineups will consist of:

  1. 1 Quarterback
  2. 2 Running Backs
  3. 3 Wide Receivers
  4. 1 Tight End
  5. 1 Flex Player (RB, WR or TE)
  6. 1 Kicker
  7. 1 Team Defense/Specials Team
(If no Week One lineup is submitted, the NFFC will determine your starting lineup. After Week One, if no starting lineup is submitted, your starting lineup will be that of the previous week.)

7. Scoring

Players can accumulate points in a number of ways:

  1. .05 points for every yard passing (works out to 1 point every 20 yards)
  2. 6 points for every passing touchdown
  3. 2 points for every 2-Point conversion
  4. minus 1 point for every interception and lost fumble
  1. .10 points for every yard rushing (works out to 1 point every 10 yards)
  2. 6 points for every rushing TD
  3. 2 points for every 2-Point conversion
  4. minus 1 point for every lost fumble
  5. 6 points for a recovered offensive fumble for a touchdown (RB, QB, WR, TE)
  1. .10 points for every yard receiving (works out to 1 point every 10 yards)
  2. 6 points for every receiving TD
  3. 1 point for every reception for WRs, Tight Ends and QBs
  4. 0.5 points for every reception for RBs
  5. 2 points for every 2-Point conversion
  6. minus 1 point for every lost fumble
  1. 1 point for every extra point
  2. 3 points for every field goal from 1-30 yards
  3. 3 points for every field goal plus .10 points for every yard after 30 yards (i.e. a 47-yard field goal would be worth 4.7 points)
  1. 1 point for every sack
  2. 2 points for every interception or opponents' fumble recovery
  3. 6 points for every touchdown (interception return, defensive fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked field goal return, blocked punt return). All special teams and defensive points are awarded to the team responsible, not the individual player. Should a kicker, punter or field goal holder throw a pass off a fake attempt, however, the offensive output for that offensive play would go towards the individual player, not the specials team. Also, any lost fumble or "muff" on a specials team play does not result in negative points for that individual player.
  4. 2 points for every safety
  5. 12 points for a shutout by the entire team
  6. 8 points for allowing 2-7 points by the entire team
  7. 4 points for allowing 8-12 points by the entire team
  8. 2 points for allowing 13-17 points by the entire team

8. Free Agent Acquisitions

Any player who is not on a team roster within your league is considered a free agent for that league. The free agent system will be a "blind bidding" process for each individual league (Free Agent Acquisition Bidding or FAAB). Each team will start with a $1,000 FAAB budget, and will be permitted to bid for free agents on a weekly basis through Week 13. No team will be informed of any other team's free agent bids before they're announced and only the winning bid and the runner-up bid will be announced afterwards to NFFC owners. The team with the highest bid on any given player will be awarded that player. The amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the winning team's free agent dollars. For each winning bid, the winning team must drop a player to make roster room for the free agent acquisition. If a team's free agent dollars goes to zero, that team will no longer be allowed to bid for the rest of the season. No bid will be accepted that is larger than a team's free agent dollars. All bids must be in increments of dollars (no cents).

9. The Draft

The draft will be held at locations in Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and online at The draft will be held in a serpentine fashion for each round using 3RR (1-14 in Round 1, 14-1 in Round 2, 14-1 in Round 3, 1-14 in Round 4 and continuing from there in serpentine fashion).

A. League Management Web Address: STATS will manage the NFFC and provide real-time stats online. You can access your league via the Internet by going to

B. Lineup Submission: All lineups may be submitted on the league web site and must be entered prior to the scheduled kickoff for the game affected.

C. Scoring: The National Fantasy Football Championship will use a head-to-head scoring setup. Scoring will be accumulated each week from your 10 starters. Scores in the NFFC are finalized with no changes possible after 6 p.m. EST each Thursday after the weekend games.

Bidding Time Frame

The bidding process will be held each week after Week 1 and continues through the end of the NFFC regular season. Bids will be accepted on the league web site from Tuesday at 9 am ET until Friday at 9 p.m. ET in each of those weeks. If you are submitting by phone, you must submit your bids by 2:30 p.m. ET on Friday. Rosters will be updated by 10 p.m. ET Friday with the results of all successful bids.

The FAAB deadline will be moved to Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. EST to comply with the Thanksgiving Day games and to Wednesday, Nov. 9, Wednesday, Nov. 16 and Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. EST to comply with the early Thursday games as well. There are no FAAB pickups in Weeks 14 through 16 during the NFFC Championship Round and NFFC Consolation Round. All winning FAAB bids are final, even if a scoring change is made after that which would affect tied winning bids.

11. Conditional Bids

Conditional bids can also be offered. In the event you may lose out on a player, you can place conditional bid(s) for other players during the bidding time frame. The first conditional bid will become relevant only if you lose out on the first bid. Subsequent conditional bids will become relevant only if the previous conditional bid fails. Bids do not require conditional bids. Bids may have several sequential conditional bids, but the system processes them from highest dollar value to lowest dollar value.

12. Number of Bid Limits

There is no limit to the number of bids each week in which bids are permitted.

13. Tied Bids

If there is a tie bid, the team that receives the player will be determined in order by:

  1. Worst league record
  2. Lowest total points
  3. Highest points against
  4. Lowest draft spot

14. Trades between managers

To minimize the possibility of collusion, there will be no trading allowed. All drops are also subject to review by the commissioner of the NFFC and can be revoked if the dropped player is deemed too valuable to be offered to that league's free agent pool, thus damaging the credibility of the overall contest. In the case of a "star" player being dropped in a league for a valid reason, the NFFC commissioner does reserve the right to allow the cut but keep the player out of that league's free agent listing for any length of time, possibly the entire season. Accidental cuts or cuts of the wrong player will be handled individually by the NFFC commissioner. All decisions by the NFFC commissioner will be final.

15. League Structure

Each league will consist of 14 teams competing in a head-to-head format for the league championship. The team with the best won-loss record in each league plus the team with the highest point total (second highest point total if the team with the best won-loss record also has that) and the third place team will advance to the overall championship playoffs. Any team that finishes in the top 15 percent of the total number of teams that didn't finish first, second or third in their league will also advance to the playoffs as a wild card team. So if the NFFC finishes with 322 teams in 2011, the top 48 teams in total points will be guaranteed a playoff spot in the Championship Round even if they finished third or lower in their league. Teams will carry their weekly scoring average (i.e. 130.15 points) into the playoffs and then accumulate points to that total over the last three weeks of the regular season to determine the overall NFFC champion. Those teams which did not advance to the playoffs will carry their weekly scoring average from Weeks 1-13 into a consolation round playoff and add their weekly totals during Weeks 14-16 to determine the consolation round champion.

16. Random League/Draft Spot Selections

The NFFC will randomly select the leagues and the draft orders of each league once all entries have been submitted by city. For instance, if the NFFC receives 140 entries for the main event in Las Vegas, we'll put all 140 names into a computer program and select in order: League 1, pick 1 is John Smith; League 1, pick 2 is John Doe, League 1, pick 3 is Jane Andrews, etc. until all 140 names have been selected. We will do this in each city for all of the leagues. In the NFFC main event, the Draft Champions and in the Ultimate Draft Leagues, we'll also implement the Kentucky Derby Style process to allow owners more draft preference. The KDS process allows owners to rank their order of preference for Draft Day, ranking their preferences 1 through 14 BEFORE the leagues are selected. If an owner wants the third pick and is selected No. 1 overall in his league, he would choose that option and he would then be moved to third in that league on Draft Day. NFFC officials will look at every owner's Draft Preferences after the leagues and orders are randomly selected and then announce the draft orders for each league. Once each NFFC owner has officially signed up for the contest, they can find this feature in their game site under My Settings. Then click on Draft Preferences and you'll see the Draft Order ranked 1 through 14 and the option to change those preferences next to them. If you decide not to rank your preferences, your preferred order will remain 1 through 14. Owners can change their Draft Preferences right up until the announced deadline is set. An example of a KDS preference would be: 1, 2, 3, 14, 13, 7, 8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 12, 11, 10. If you were picked fourth out of the hat for your league and the top three teams took 1, 2, and 3, then you'd be slotted in the 14th spot (your fourth preference) on Draft Day.

If a main event league in one of the cities doesn't fill exactly with 14 teams, the NFFC also reserves the right to fill that league with owners from one or more other host cities to make it full. In that scenario, the NFFC reserves the right to place some of the final signups in any of the cities in that teleconference league. Early-bird signups will not be placed in a teleconference draft league.

17. Tie-breaker procedures

If after 13 regular season games, teams are tied for first place, second place or third place, the following tiebreakers will be used in this order:

  1. Total points through 13 weeks
  2. Head-to-head won/lost record against the tied teams (if three or more teams, it's cumulative wins against those common opponents)
  3. Highest point total from Week 13
  4. Highest point total from Week 12
  5. Highest point total from Week 11 down to Week 1 in order
  6. Lowest draft spot

This procedure is for determining the head-to-head champion and the league total points leader

In the post-season, should any teams finish in a tie for prize money, the money would be split among those teams. In the unlikely event that teams are tied with the exact same point total during the playoffs for the NFFC title, the prize money for first and second place would be added together and split evenly. The same is true if teams tied for third place or fourth place or any of the other money spots, including the consolation round.

18. Draft Rules

  1. Time Limit: Each participant will have a one-minute time limit from the moment the draft facilitator tells him/her that they are on the clock to make their selection. The participant will be told when there is 15 seconds left by the draft facilitator and a countdown from five seconds will go until time has expired. The draft facilitator will have final say on whether a pick was called out in time or not. If a participant does not make a selection within one minute, he/she will be passed over until the next participant makes a player selection. The passed-over player goes back on the clock for one minute after the selection is made. The draft facilitator also has final say on the announcement of the picks as the pick becomes final AFTER he/she announces the pick.
  2. Seating: Every team will have two draft spots available at the table and each team will be seated in their draft order.
  3. Trading: There is no trading allowed during the NFFC season and all player cuts will be evaluated by the NFFC. Any player cut that will hurt the integrity of the league can be removed from that leagues' free agent pool for good by the NFFC.
  4. Electronic Equipment: Participants can use electronic equipment during the draft as long as it fits in the allotted draft spot at the table. There will be no Internet connections or electrical outlets, so participants bringing laptops will have to supply their own power. Cell phones are allowed at the draft table, but we encourage participants to use them sparingly and not in a way that interrupts the draft process.
  5. Smoking/Drinking: Smoking will not be allowed in the Draft Room. There will be a cash bar available in the Draft Room, but we ask that each participant drink responsibly.
  6. Breaks: There will be a 15-minute break after Round 10 and we will finish the draft after the break.
  7. Week One Lineups: Every participant is responsible for submitting their Week One starting lineup before the Thursday, Sept. 8th game. The Thursday night game results will count in the NFFC scoring. All teams are also required to confirm their team roster and sign off on the players on the list before leaving the draft. Any errors on your roster should be presented to the NFFC management as soon as possible.
  8. League Management: The league will be available via the Internet at All lineups may be submitted on the league web site and must be entered prior to the scheduled kickoff for the game affected.
  9. Thanksgiving/Saturday games: Any players you want to place in your starting lineup for early games like Thanksgiving or the Saturday late season games, must be entered online at least five minutes before the scheduled kickoff. Any player involved in those games that isn't in the starting lineup by the regular lineup deadline of Sunday morning, won't be available for those week's games.

19. Refunds

Once a participant submits valid payment, no money will be refunded to participants or co-managers unless the National Fantasy Football Championship is canceled. A team spot is considered filled when the entire $1,400 entry fee is paid. STATS LLC reserves the right to cancel any entries not comprising a full 14-team league. When a participant agrees to finish the registration form and submit payment, that participant has demonstrated his/her acceptance of the official rules and regulations for the NFFC Classic.

At its sole discretion, STATS reserves the right to terminate the National Fantasy Football Championship Classic in its entirety if there are an insufficient number of teams by August 28, 2011. In this unlikely event, STATS will refund all entry fees within 48 hours of cancellation notice and/or provide a new application form with the newly stated prize figures. In this situation, all pre-registered applicants have the right to a full refund or to agree to play for the newly announced prize structure. STATS is not responsible for any loss or liability incurred by any participant or co-managers due to cancellation of the National Fantasy Football Championship Classic, including but not limited to travel or hotel expenses, time taken off from employment, etc.

20. Prize Winnings

If the principal team owner's prize winnings are $600.00 or greater, the National Fantasy Football Championship must file a Form 1099 with the IRS at the end of this calendar year. We will request your social security number and signature on this form. The form contains the amount paid to you and you will receive a copy of the form for tax purposes. STATS pays ONLY the principal team owner of each NFFC team that was submitted on the entry form and you are responsible for paying any taxes that result from your cash prize; please consult your income tax advisor for filing advice. After 12 months, any unclaimed prize will be forfeited.

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