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Fantasy Sports Insurance

A Fantasy Sports Insurance policy for one player is available FREE to each team owner who pays by check/cash/money order for the NFFC Classic, the NFFC Primetime, the NFFC Draft Champions Live or the NFFC Auction League provided that your payment is received by the due date. This insurance policy is courtesy of the NFFC and

Here's how Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI) works:

Designate one player who is on your team and on the Top 100 list provided by for your insurance policy. If that player misses at least 9 full games on the disabled list due to an injury in 2016, you will receive payment from for:

League Insurance Amount
NFFC Classic $320
NFFC Primetime $320
NFFC Auction Championship & Draft Champions $220

In 2015 when this offer was in place for the NFFC, team owners were able to cash in their insurance policies for the following players:

  • Jamaal Charles
  • Le‚ÄôVeon Bell
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Arian Foster

After you have selected the player who you want to insure, FSI will send out a Certificate of Insurance with details of the insurance policy and the associated coverage. Claims will be paid within 30 days of the end of the NFL regular season.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to work alongside NFFC to offer Fantasy Sports Insurance (FSI) for the 2016 NFL fantasy season," said Henry Olszewski, sales executive at Fantasy Sports Insurance. "Offering FSI to NFFC participants is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide financial peace of mind against that unforeseen, season changing injury. Lessen the blow of losing your key player. Plan...Protect...Play"

NFFC team owners also will have the opportunity to purchase additional insurance for their teams' players through if they draft more than just one injury-riddled player. For those owners, there is a policy for two players who miss a total of 9 games to injury and even a policy for three players who spend a total of 115 days on the DL.