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Bellagio Las Vegas Week 2

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

September 3-6, 2014
Bellagio, Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

For the third straight year, the NFFC will have a full slate of live event offerings on the first weekend of the NFL season in Las Vegas that includes our Classic and Primetime contests. The NFFC will unveil a mix of 14-team and 12-team offerings on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 3-6 at the fabulous Bellagio in Las Vegas. Included in the weekend of fun will be an NFL Viewing Party to kick off our 11th anniversary celebration. This full schedule will follow our first weekend of events at the Bellagio.

These events will be held over four days this year before and after the Thursday Night NFL Opener. The NFFC will host an NFL Viewing Party that night at the Bellagio, with drafts being held before the game and during the two days after the game. Those events will include private Auction Leagues, Draft Championship Leagues, Super Leagues, Ultimate Leagues, the Diamond League, the Platinum League, the Classic and the Primetime. There are several different draft times for the Classic and Primetime Main Events on Sept. 3-6, giving owners plenty of opportunities to win those grand prizes.

Spots are limited for these Las Vegas events, so reserve your spot NOW!!

Food and drink during the drafts will be provided by the NFFC. We'll take care of that; you just draft the best team possible.

Room blocks are limited but available by calling 1-888-987-6667 and using the group code NFFCHA under the National Fantasy Football Championship group name. The price is $154 per room on weekdays and $229 per night on weekends.

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Have questions? Contact Greg Ambrosius or Tom Kessenich at (847) 728-4371. Or email Greg at and Tom at

Schedule of Events

  • Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    8 p.m. PT: $1,000 Draft Champions (12 Teams) (closed)
    8 p.m. PT: Primetime (closed)

  • Thursday, September 4, 2014

    9 a.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    9 a.m. PT: Super Auction (closed)
    9 a.m. PT: $1,000 Draft Champions (14 Teams) (closed)
    12 Noon PT: Classic (closed)
    12 Noon PT: $1,000 Draft Champions (12 Teams) (closed)
    1 p.m. PT: Kickoff Gridiron (PRIVATE) (closed)

  • Friday, September 5, 2014

    9 a.m. PT: $1,000 Draft Champions (12 Teams) (closed)
    10 a.m. PT: Auction (12 Teams) (closed)
    10 a.m. PT: Classic (closed)
    10 a.m. PT: Diamond (closed)
    10 a.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    2 p.m. PT: Classic (closed)
    2 p.m. PT: Ultimate (12 Teams) (closed)
    2 p.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    6 p.m. PT: Classic (closed)
    6 p.m. PT: Auction (12 Teams) (closed)
    6 p.m. PT: Primetime (closed)

  • Saturday, September 6, 2014

    10 a.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    2 p.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    2 p.m. PT: Classic (closed)
    6 p.m. PT: Primetime (closed)
    6 p.m. PT: Platinum (closed)